Verónica Pasman | Collective Threads

Collective Threads


Collective Threads is an experimental and collaborative project between ten artists working during the isolating time of the COVID19 pandemic. Searching for new ways of connection and starting with an empty space, each artist was allocated a time slot to work in a shared location. By exploring both the pathos of our time of confinement and its particular resonance with women, each artist intervened what was previously created before her by adding, subtracting and building upon the ever-growing body of work. What ultimately emerged was one dynamic installation of communal meaning tied together using both literal and metaphorical “threads” of discourse.

This exhibition embodies three sections: a series of intimate photographs of the installation, a video of an improvisational dance performance within the environment and inspired by the artists’ work, as well as ten individual intervened pieces in response to the shared experience.

Marina Font / Amy Gelg / Jeanne Jaffe / Molly Mc Greevy / Qinza Najm / Veronica Pasman / Evelyn Politzer / Catalina Rojas / Nina Surel / Aurora Molina

With the participation of:
Claudia Calle / Michelle Stone / Natalia Giannangelli / Danie Gomez Ortigoza

Michelle Stone Movement
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