Verónica Pasman | Collective 62 / Studio Gallery 827

Collective 62 / Studio Gallery 827


opening reception: 12.1.2019 11/4 pm.
827 NW 62 Street Liberty City, Fl 33150

Sharing the platform: Carolina Cueva, Sofia Donovan, Marina Font, Kassandra Guzman, Jeanne Jaffe, Judy Mannarino, Verónica Pasman, Cristina Lei Rodriguez, Nina Surel and Michelle Weinberg.

The shared premise of this exhibition is works by artists who have embraced the transformational power of clay. Soft earthen material becomes body, vessel and architecture, with the application of the hand, heat and pressure. In the spirit of the collective, the shared platform demonstrates the peaceable society among the hand manufactured objects and visions of the group.