Verónica Pasman | Archipelagic Narratives Of Female Metamorphosis

Archipelagic Narratives Of Female Metamorphosis

Guest Curator: Aldeide Delgado
December 3rd. 2023 / January 4th. 2024
Opening Reception: Sunday, Dec. 3 / 11 am – 2 pm
Collective 62: 901 NW 62nd. St.  Miami, FL 33150

Deryn Cowdy | Giannina Dwin | Marina Font | Amy Gelb | Flor Godward | Marina Gonella
Stephanie Hadad | Jeanne Jaffe | Marcela Marcuzzi | Molly Mcgreevy | Alex Nuñez
Veronica Pasman | Capucine Safir | Nina Surel

Collective 62 is pleased to present “Archipelagic Narratives of Female Metamorphosis,” an exhibition organized by Latinx art historian and curator Aldeide Delgado. The exhibition unveils the recent works of fourteen artists who are integral members of the collective. They examine life rituals, fantastical imagery, natural environments, and political bodies as a means to document the personal and communal power of transformation and change. The exhibition’s title references the video performance “Narratives of Female Metamorphosis” (2021) by visual artist Nina Surel. Inspired by pioneering feminist artist Carolee Schneemann, Surel employs her body and clay as vital, active materials to intervene in the canvas and record corporeal temporalities–bodies that are both fragile and resilient, in a constant process of mutation, from birth to death.

Taking archipelagic thinking as a methodological framework, the exhibition presents the creative practices of the artists in relation, as intertwined narratives within a complex network. “Archipelagic Narratives of Female Metamorphosis,” presents its own diverse island systems, featuring a wide range of styles and formats, including painting, sculpture, installation, stop-motion film, and photography. These are categorized as follows: “Ephemeral Rituals,” expanding painting as portals to delve into other worlds (Marcela Marcuzzi, Alex Nuñez, and Nina Surel); “Strange Nightmares,” exploring the themes of childhood, the subconscious, and dreams (Flor Godward, Jeanne Jaffe, and Molly McGreevy); “Political Bodies,” interrogating the normative definitions of femininity (Stephanie Eti Hadad, Marina Font, Amy Gelb, and Capucine Safir); and “Mysterious Landscapes,” revealing the profound connection with South Florida’s natural environments (Deryn Cowdy, Giannina Dwin, Marina Gonella, and Veronica Pasman).

“Archipelagic Narratives of Female Metamorphosis” offers a glimpse into the artwork of Collective 62 artists while tracing surreal aesthetics in Miami women’s contemporary art practice. By foregrounding creative energy, unconscious feelings, and dreamlike and dystopic situations, these artists invite us to challenge preconceived notions while addressing the complexity of our world.